The Waste and Recycling Industry of Queensland (WRIQ) is the unified voice of waste management, recycling and resource recovery in the State.

Representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from multi-nationals through to small family owned and operated businesses, WRIQ engages in a broad range of state-specific issues of strategic importance to the sustainability and development of the sector.

WRIQ represents all aspects of the sector including major landfills, transfer stations, resource recovery facilities (including advanced manufacturing), sustainable and firming power facilities, and collection services.

For more than a decade, WRIQ has earned a reputation as a leader in sectoral policy development and driving change to improve the operating environment for Queensland’s waste management, recycling and resource recovery sectors. Recognised as a non-partisan organisation that works effectively with all levels of government, WRIQ is acknowledged as an influential and respected advocacy group in Queensland.


Leadership & Expertise
We are Queensland’s leading association for the sector, ensuring member organisations are well informed on issues of strategic importance to both the sector and their businesses. 

Through collaboration and partnerships, we work to deliver positive outcomes for our members.

We want a Sustainable Queensland, including economic sustainability through levy and market support.

Fairness and Equity
in how we work with our stakeholders and government, and we recognise and embrace diversity and inclusion while promoting cooperation across the WRIQ membership.

We foster a culture which recognises that sustainable natural resource management and social justice are an integral part of robust business management. 


WRIQ’s mission is to elevate the waste management, recycling and resource recovery sectors through services, education and advocacy for members to achieve successful economic, social, environmental and governance outcomes. By being a member of WRIQ, you are supporting a strong and united advocacy voice.

We develop leading positions and solutions on issues of concern to the advancement and sustainability of Queensland’s waste management and resource recovery sectors and we work closely with government and other key stakeholders.

We publish discussion papers, research papers, project reports, safety guides and deliver expert events to assist the sector and other stakeholders understand key issues, technical advancements, and innovation opportunities. We also undertake projects that deliver practice improvements and technology adoption across our members’ sites. These projects also contribute data and key findings that inform our advocacy.

We promote our members and raise the profile of the industry with the media and amongst broader stakeholders to achieve a greater level of understanding about industry management practices; and communicate the significant contribution of the waste management, recycling and resource recovery sectors to the Queensland economy, communities and the environment.

We bring together Queensland’s waste management and resource recovery sectors on a range of Working Groups that deal with current issues and find solutions to complex problems. We facilitate knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for our members through a range of formal and informal networking and conference events. WRIQ Working Groups are Landfill; Organics; Metals, Training, Workforce and Safety; and Recovery, Markets and Procurement.


Richard Taylor
JJ Richards and Sons Pty Ltd

Mark Dekker
BMI Resource Recovery Group

David Powell

Mark Jefferson
Sims Metal

Executive Council Member
Neal Heinrich
Chilli Bins

Executive Council Member
Ishrar Ali

Executive Council Member
Tobi Spencer
Veolia ANZ

Executive Council Member
Joshua Lannen
Mams Group

Executive Council Member
Chris Alexander
Phoenix Power Recyclers

Executive Council Member
Alix Baltais
EnviroCom Australia

Executive Council Member
Hugo Parris
Cleanaway Pty Ltd

Executive Council Member
Craig Kuschert
Kartaway Qld

Executive Council Member
Daniel Blaser
Rino Recycling

Executive Council Member
David Wrenn
ARRG Waste

Executive Council Member
Brendan Borg
Solo Resource Recovery

Executive Council Member
Allard Bernhofen

Chief Executive Officer
Alison Price


The Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of Queensland Inc, (WCRA) was established in 2007. In August 2012, WCRA was rebranded and named the Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland Inc, (WRIQ).

WRIQ is an industry organisation registered in the State of Queensland to represent the interests of its members in relation to and in connection with, the waste, recycling and secondary resource management in this state.


Without limitation, the objectives of the Association are:
  • To advocate, promote, influence change for advancing the interests of the waste, recycling and secondary resource management contractors of Queensland;
  • To promote the Industry in Queensland, communicate issues relevant to the Industry’s security and maintain good relations between the Members and State as well as local government authorities, agencies and departments, companies, sole traders and the public;
  • To assist and facilitate training and encourage any technical or other form of education for operators within the industry;
  • To assist and facilitate industrial relation matters relevant to the Industry and its Members;
  • To obtain, collate and publicise relevant information of the industry;
  • To support other associations and organisations with interests in whole or part similar to the Association;
  • To do all such matters and things as are necessary or expedient to further the objects of the Association;
  • To do all such lawful things as may appear to be incidental or conducive to the objectives, or as resolved by the executive to be in the interests of a Member/s or the industry;
  • the purposes and powers specified shall, except where otherwise expressed, be independent main purposes and powers, and the Association shall also have the powers set out in the Act. The purposes and powers are not limited or restricted by implied reference to or inference from the terms of any other clause.
  • Not to apply or receive government funded or third party grants for any reason, unless this is approved by the full membership at an AGM or by holding an extraordinary meeting.


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